The Storm Water Program Agrees to Implement a Tiered Permit Fee Structure Based Upon Acreage

The Storm Water Program Fee Branch recently notified Brash Industries that it intends to implement a Tiered Permit Fee system based upon facility acreage. A smaller facility will pay less than a larger facility. This tiered fee program was proposed by Brash Industries’ SoCal Storm Water Group Monitoring Program Manager, Marvin H. Sachse, P.E., with the support of the California Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Alliance (CADRA).

The tiered Stormwater Permit Fee concept was initially proposed by Mr. Sachse to the State Water Board three years ago and Mr. Sachse has been encouraging its adoption ever since. At the June 20, 2014, Permit Fee Branch meeting of the State Water Board Fee Branch, Mr. Marvin Sachse, again proposed consideration of an annual fee rate based upon a measure of permittee size, such as: number of employees, facility area, or gross revenue, with smaller facilities paying a lower fee than larger facilities.

The Water Board Fee Branch staff appreciated Mr. Sachse’s presentation and requested a formal submission of his request for tiered permitting along with his presentation material demonstrating Arizona and Washington State’s size-based fee programs. The backup information also demonstrated that Stormwater Permit fees for Nevada and Oregon are significantly lower, ½ to ⅛ that of the fees charged in California.

A Water Board Fee Branch staff member recently advised Mr. Sachse that the Water Board Fee Branch will endeavor to adopt the tiered fee system in FY 2015-2016, but in all likelihood it will not be fully implemented until FY 2016-2017.

Additionally, BI also received information that the Permit Fees for FY 2014-2015 have been proposed with an 8.2% fee reduction.


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