Monthly Non-Storm-Water Visual Inspections

The new Permit requires monthly non-storm-water visual inspections. Inspections have been required since September, 2015. Municipal and Regional Water Board inspectors are verifying that these reports are being completed by requesting to see them.

Failure to complete these monthly inspection report forms is a Permit violation. The report form is Table 2, Monthly Non-storm Observation Log in the BI Workbook. Conduct the inspection once a month on days when it is not raining, and record the observations on the correct monthly report form.

When a storm water sample is collected, a Storm Discharge Visual Observation is to be completed. This form is Table 3, Storm Discharge Visual Observation Log Sheet in the BI Workbook.

The Table 3 Storm Discharge Visual Observation Log Sheet is used to record visual observations of the storm water being discharged from the site when a sample is collected. It needs to be completed only when a storm event sample is collected.

The absence of either of these reports could lead to the issuance of a Notice Of Violation, and a fine. It is imperative that these forms are completed and available when an inspector requests them.


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