Electronic Reporting and SMARTS Database

The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board recently sent notification dated, May 22, 2012, regarding electronic submission of Annual Reports using the SMARTS database.

There are two points to be addressed: the use of the SMARTS database and the electronic submission of reports to the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.


SMARTS database


It is a database created under the Construction General Permit and will most likely be a requirement for the permitees when the new Industrial Permit is passed. (But, use of the SMARTS system is

presently not required.) The SMARTS database is available to the general public and all posted information, including sampling data, can be read by anyone with internet access. Permitee

registration for the SMARTS system is a little complicated, but doable. When the new Permit is passed, Brash Industries will be assisting our clients in the registration process.



Electronic Filing


The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board is requiring the submission of all reports in an electronic format, which can be a scanned document. All Brash client annual reports will be

submitted electronically as a scanned report, to their respective Regional Water Quality Control Board. Proof of delivery will be established with submission of the reports on a DVD or CD. It

will not be readily accessible to the internet. If the facility operator is completing their own Annual Report, it is suggested that the document be scanned and submitted electronically.

If you have any questions on the foregoing, please feel free to contact Gaby, Richard, or Marv at 310-305-8637.



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